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Product Name: Mancozeb

Chemical name:

[1,2-Ethaznediybis(Carbamodithio)(2-)]Manganese Zinc Salt

Molecular Formula: (C4H6N2S4Mn) X.(Zn)y

CAS NO.: 8018-01-7


Mancozeb technical is grayish yellow powder, Melting point: 136℃(Decomposing before this degree).Flash point: 137.8℃ (Tag open cup), Solubility (g/L, 25℃):6.2mg/L in water, insoluble in most organic solvents.

Specification for Mancozeb Tech:

Mancozeb 50%WP、70%WP、75% WP、75%WDG、80%WP、80%WDG、85%TC、90%TC

Item Index
Appearance Grayish Yellow Powder
Active Ingredient, %≥          85.0
Mn, %≥ 20.0
Zn, %≥ 2.5
Moisture, %≤ 1.0

Specification for Mancozeb 80%WP:

Item Index                                  
Active Ingredient,%≥ 80.0
Mn, %≥ 20.0
Zn, %≥ 2.5
Moisture, %≤ 2.0
PH  Range 6-9
Wetting Time ,Seconds, ≤ 30
Wet Sieve Test (325 mesh), %≥ 98
Suspension, %≥ 80
Persistent Foam,ml ≤20
ETU Content, %≤ 0.3


Mancozeb is an ethylene bisdithiocarbamate protective fungicide which can inhibit pyruvic acid being oxidated so as to kill the Epiphany,It is used to protect many fruits, vegetables, and field crops against a wide spectrum of fungal diseases, including potato early and late blight, leaf spot, downy mildew , scab of apple by foliar spraying. It is also used for seed treatment of cotton, potato, corn, peanut, tomato, and cereal grain.Mancozeb is compatible with many systemic fungicides in order to increase the efficacy and prevent the development of resistant.


In 25kgs craft paper bag or small package according to buyer's requirement.

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