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Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate(SIBX)


Item Standard
Classification  Sodium Organic Salt
AppreancePale yellow or yellow-green granular or free-flowing powder
Cas No25306-75-6
Purity 85.00% or 90.00% Min
Free Alkal 0.2% Max
Moisture & Volatile                                                              4.00%
Max Validity 12 Months


Sodium isobutyl xanthate is a stronger collector in the flotation of various nonferrous metallic sulfide ores. It is mainly used in the flotation of copper, lead, zinc ect. sulfide ores. It has displayed especially effective in the flotation of copper ores and of pyrites in natural circuits.

Feeding method: 10-20% solution

Usual dosage: 10-100g/ton

Storage & Handling:

Storage: Store solid xanthates in original properly sealed containers under cool dry conditions away from sources of ignition.

Handling: Wear protective equipment. Keep away from sources of ignition. Use non sparking tools. Equipment should be earthed to avoid static discharge. All electronic equipment should be adjusted for work in explosive environment.


Type Packing Quantity
Steel Drum

UN approved 110kg net full opened head

steel drum with polyethylene bag lining inside

134 drums per 20'fcl, 14.74mt
Steel Drum

UN approved 170kg net full opened head steel drum

with polyethylene bag lining inside 4 drums for each pallet

80 drums per 20'fcl, 13.6mt
Wooden Box

UN approved 850kg net jumbo bag

inside UN approved wooden box on pallet

20 boxes per 20'fcl, 17mt

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